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Prop Shop

Providing the highest quality repairs and overhauls for all propeller types. We know that you have many choices when it comes to the repair of your aircraft. That’s why strive to make you comfortable with your decisions. Our team of professional technicians ensure the highest quality of service for your aircraft.

Chris White

Prop Shop & Repair Manager 

Meet Chris White, one of our trusted Repair Station and Prop Shop Managers! Chris has dedicated over six years of his time working in propeller overhaul and repair, and is also a student pilot.

David Tingle

 Propeller Technician

Veterans of the aviation industry, like our Propeller Technician David Tingle, keep ASI constantly moving forward in the world of flight. David has been a part of our family at ASI for 35 years, and we thank him for his skill and commitment.

Harry Grimes (Joe)

Propeller Mechanic

ASI thanks members of our team and family, like Harry Grimes (AKA Joe), who has served as a Propeller Mechanic for 28 years. Joe’s insight and hard work exemplifies what we strive for at ASI!

Kyle Woods

Propeller Repair & Inspector

We appreciate our Propeller Repairmen and Inspectors like Kyle Woods. Kyle worked in aircraft line service in high school, and has been a part of our propeller shop for 5 years. 

Andrew Tye

Propeller &Governor Technician

Meet Andrew Tye, one of our Propeller/Governor Technicians who’s been a member of our ASI team for 3 months. Andrew attended Prosser for Aviation in 2017-2019, and has flight hours in a Cessna 172. Thank you to Andrew for his knowledge inspecting, repairing and maintaining our aircrafts!

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