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Garmin cirrus upgrades

Upgrade Your Cirrus: The Future of Flight with Garmin’s Advances Avionics Upgrade

Garmin Avionics

Upgrade Your Cirrus Aircraft

Garmin’s latest announcement brings news for early-generation Cirrus aircraft owners.

It introduces a much-anticipated upgrade for those using Avidyne PFD/MFD and Garmin GNS series units.

As a Garmin Certified Dealer, we’re proud to present the game-changing Dual Garmin G500TXi with EIS and dual GTN Series navigators, which are now available for installation.

This upgrade is designed to integrate flawlessly with your Cirrus aircraft, offering advanced features like 10.6” displays for PFD and MFD functionalities, an Engine Indication System (EIS) for real-time engine monitoring, and enhanced situational awareness with HSI map overlays, weather, traffic, and more.

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Benefits of the Garmin Upgrade

The Garmin upgrade for Cirrus aircraft modernizes your flight experience and reduces costly repairs associated with older PFD and MFD systems, intermittent displays, and expensive DAU and SIU maintenance. This upgrade is ideal for aircraft complying with FAR Part 23 Class 1/Class 2 specifications (under 6,000 lbs.). 

Cost-Effective Maintenance

Say goodbye to the high cost of repairing outdated avionics. The new system is designed for longevity.

Better Aircraft Performance

Experience a noticeable improvement in your aircraft’s operational capabilities, making every flight smoother and more efficient.

10.6” Displays

Enjoy crystal-clear visibility with large, high-resolution displays for both Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi-Function Display (MFD) functionalities.

Engine Indication System (EIS)

Monitor your engine’s performance in real-time with EIS capabilities, specifically designed for monitoring piston-engine performance, ensuring safer and more informed flying.

HSI Map Overlay

Enhance your situational awareness with detailed map overlays, including real-time weather updates, traffic information, and more.

Smart Glide Engine-Out Navigation

When integrated with a GTN™ Xi series navigator, the G500 TXi activates the Smart Glide feature. This advanced functionality is crucial in emergencies, as it automatically recommends the nearest airport and plots a direct route for a swift and safe landing.

Fully Coupled Approaches with GFC™ 500

The system can be paired with the GFC™ 500 to enable fully coupled approach capabilities. This feature allows for a more precise and automated approach, significantly reducing pilot workload during critical phases of flight.

SVT Synthetic Vision Technology

For heightened situational awareness, the optional SVT synthetic vision technology is a game-changer. It provides detailed 3D depictions of terrain, obstacles, and airports, offering an unparalleled perspective throughout the flight, enhancing safety and pilot confidence.

Garmin Avionics Upgrade Packages

Upgrade Your Cirrus Aircraft with Garmin Technology Solutions

Tier 1 Upgrade

GFC 500 autopilot system coupled with the GI 275 standby indicator.

Choose the 2-axis or 2-axis with yaw damper configuration for the GFC 500 autopilot system, paired with the GI 275 standby indicator. This upgrade replaces outdated servos with top-tier replacements, ensuring digital communication for exceptionally smooth maneuvers.

Tier 2 Upgrade

GTN 750Xi/GTN 650Xi combo

The GTN 750Xi/GTN 650Xi combo package includes the remotely mounted GTX-345R and GMA-35C. This upgrade involves removing your existing Garmin GNS 430s, Garmin GTX327 transponder, and the old audio panel. They are replaced with the new Garmin GTN 750Xi, GTN 650Xi, a remote GTX345R ADS-B In/Out digital transponder, and a remote GMA 35C stereo audio panel. The package is designed to utilize your currently installed autopilot seamlessly.

Tier 3 Upgrade

GTN 750Xi/GTN 650Xi combo with GFC 500 3-axis autopilot

This upgrade package includes all the advantages of the Tier 2 option, plus the integration of the GFC-500 digital autopilot. Additionally, a GI-275 is installed to act as the controller for the GFC-500 and provide standby instrumentation. The process also involves removing the existing autopilot system to make way for this advanced technology.

Tier 4 Upgrade

Dual 10.6″ G500 TXi flight deck system, GTN 750Xi/GTN 650Xi combo

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Tier 5 Upgrade

Dual 10.6″ G500 TXi flight deck system, GTN 750Xi/GTN 650Xi combo, GFC 500 2-axis with yaw damper autopilot system

This comprehensive upgrade includes a dual 10.6″ G500 TXi flight deck system, a GTN 750Xi/GTN 650Xi combo, and the GFC 500 2-axis autopilot system featuring a yaw damper. It encompasses all the advantages of the Tier 3 upgrade package, adding dual 10.6” displays for enhanced visibility and functionality. The upgrade is further strengthened by the reliability of Garmin’s GFC 500 autopilot system, seamlessly integrated with the GI-275 standby indicator for a complete avionics solution.


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Kelly Lurz

Kelly Lurz

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With experience managing luxury car dealerships, Kelly is dedicated to creating efficient processes that empower our employees. This focus ensures they consistently deliver high-quality work within the expected timelines, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

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Dave Wilkins

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Denny Goodman

Denny Goodman

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Denny Goodman’s aviation journey has been nothing short of remarkable. He is now the Avionics Manager at Aircraft Specialists Inc. (ASI), bringing his extensive expertise to our team. With a career spanning three decades, Denny began his career as a Communication/Navigation/Radiation/Weapons System technician and Quality Assurance Inspector in the United States Marine Corps, stationed at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro. Since transitioning to civilian aviation, Denny has held key roles at prestigious organizations such as Grand Aire SDF, Textron Citation Service Center, and Crown Air Aviation, specializing in Citation Jet Aircraft Lines. In addition to establishing an avionics repair station at KJVY and initiating a Garmin Dealership at KSDF, Denny holds FAA Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic and Repairman Certificates. His certifications in Garmin, Aspen Avionics, Avidyne, Cirrus Aircraft, and Textron Garmin G1000 systems underscore his unwavering commitment to excellence in the aviation industry.

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Happy Customers

I just wanted to drop you a note to say what a great job Denny Goodman did with the avionics install on my Cessna 182. He clearly communicated with me throughout the process of the installation, including any changes that needed to be made. For me, this was important because I didn’t want any surprises. The work was done professionally, on time, and came in close to the original budgeted price. I would highly recommend him to anyone who might be looking to upgrade their aircraft with a new Garmin package!

Also, while the plane was in, I had Chris White look into an issue with my propeller governor. He quickly diagnosed the issue, and was able to come up with a plan to install a fully overhauled governor. He is efficient and a pleasure to work with.

Mike Cotton has great attention to detail, and pointed out a few other minor issues with my plane which are being corrected while it’s in the shop. You have assembled an outstanding team of maintenance professionals, and I’m glad to report to you that I had a positive overall experience.

Scott Braden

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