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We know that you have many choices when it comes to the repair of your aircraft and that is why we strive to make every effort in making you, the customer, comfortable with your decisions. Our team of professional technicians ensure the highest quality of service for your aircraft.

Propeller Overhaul and Repair

Blade repitch and repair

Governor Overhaul and Repair

Propeller Overhaul

The propeller overhaul starts with the complete disassembly of the propeller. All of the parts are then cleaned, and paint and protective coatings are removed to allow for measuring and the proper nondestructive testing to determine airworthiness. The propeller hub is coated in alodine for corrosion protection and painted. The blades are filed in order to create the proper airfoil and ground to remove any surface imperfections, and balanced together. We then coat the blades with alodine for corrosion protection and a new coat of paint. The propeller is then assembled using new parts, pressure tested for leaks, and statically balanced. Once the propeller is finished it looks like new. All overhauled propellers are returned to the customer with new mounting hardware, a new mounting o-ring, and a new logbook.

Propeller Governor Overhaul

A propeller governor overhaul involves disassembling the governor, cleaning, and removing the paint. All of the parts are measured and inspected to determine their airworthiness. The governor’s body is painted, and then the governor is assembled using new parts. Following assembly of the governor is set to the proper specifications and test run to verify it operates properly. All governors are returned to the customer with a new mounting gasket.

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