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Our Full Service FBO

 Aircraft Specialist is a full-service FBO located at the Clark County Regional Airport (JVY). Just 5 minutes north of Louisville, KY. Aircraft Specialist is an experiences provider of FBO services with a legacy of consistent commitment to excellence. The ultimate goal is to provide our customers with a positive experience. Our FBO offers a full range of services for passengers, crew, and owners.

Picture of Greg Hamilton | Louisville FBO

Greg Hamilton

Facilities Manager

Meet one of our skilled Facilities Managers, Greg Hamilton. Since he joined our ASI family in April of 2021, he’s brought his dedication and passion to every day-to-day interaction. “I find this business very fast-paced, exciting, and a great way to meet wonderful people in the business!” -Greg Hamilton

Photo of Yvonne | Louisville FBO

Yvonne Gooding

 FBO Customer Service Representative

It’s thanks to FBO Customer Service Representatives like Yvonne Goodin that let us here at ASI get to know and accommodate our clients. Yvonne is a veteran of the corporate aviation industry, spending her career in Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, and Louisiana. Thank you to Yvonne for her dedication!

Picture of Regan O'Farrell

Regan O’Farrell

Customer Service Representative

Meet Reagan O’Farrell, our FBO’s front desk Customer Service Representative. While Reagan came to ASI with no experience in the aviation industry, she’s gotten to experience not only working in our FBO but learning about all aspects of the business with our customers. We appreciate Reagan!

Picture of a Line Service Manager

Jason Langley

FBO Line Service Manager

Meet Jason Langley, one of our experienced Line Service Managers at our FBO. Jason attended MTSU in 1993 for Professional Pilot with an emphasis in Aerospace Administration, and has worked as a PIC and Ramp Supervisor, Federal Express ramp agent, and Lead Line Technician at locations like Falcon Aviation, Federal Express and Atlantic Aviation. Jason’s provided countless service for aviation, airline and military operations, and we’re grateful that his skill and expertise makes ASI what it is today.

Picture of Line Service and Aircraft Specialists

Johnnie Hikes

FBO Line Service

Our team are the best and brightest in the aviation industry, and veterans like Johnnie Hikes keep it moving into the future. Johnnie, one of our Line Services members, has worked with Airline and General Aviation Aircraft for over 30 years, and consistently utilizes that knowledge to ensure that we can provide you with the top customer experience.

Louisville FBO Line Service

Joseph Norris

FBO Line Service

Introducing Joe Norris, one of our Line Technicians here at ASI.

“Everything I’ve done in the industry has made me fall in love with my work day-in, day-out,” says Joe. “With the clients you meet to the pilots you work with, they all add up to being the experience.”

Members of our ASI family like Joe make sure that your aircraft’s always in top shape, and their hard work is the reason why we’re able to do what we do

FBO In Louisville | Line Service Technician

Adam Stewart

FBO Line Service Technician

Your flight safety and experience is ensured by staff like Adam Steward, one of our line service technicians. At ASI, employees like Adam use their expertise to make sure every aspect of your aircraft is in top shape for your flight journey.

Picture of Rob Ashbury | Louisville FBO

Robert Asbury

FBO Line Service Technician

Robert Asbury, one of our knowledgeable and skilled Line Technicians, works in aircraft handling and provides an incredible customer experience. He prides himself on ensuring the best experience for “every arrival and departure”- and we at ASI always strive to do the same

FBO In Louisville | Line Service Technician

Joe Bibbs 

FBO Line Service

We can’t propel our flights without ASI members like Joseph Bibbs, a FOB Line Service worker specializing in fuel inventory. Thank you Joe for your hard, important work!

Picture of Cory Byers

Corey Byers

FBO Line Service

We’re always happy to welcome those new to the industry to our family here at ASI, like Cory Byers, who says he’s loving it as his first time working in the aviation business. Our line crew always goes the extra mile to make sure they’re providing the ultimate experience.

Picture of Mike Beringer | Louisville FBO

Michael Barringer

Picture of Landyn Shuemate | Louisville FBO

Landyn Shuemate

We look forward to serving you.

Providing the ultimate client experience is our #1 goal. Comprehensive FBO services just 10 minutes north of Louisville, KY.